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when someone gives you directions but you go the wrong way







well, thats enough internet for today

good. yes.

OH. Plant monster dingus.

Hi I want a million of these pillows and I want to send them out to my family.

i think a few of my followers would like one of those. me included.

I’m just chillen in my bra letting the sparkly babies breath a little. My chest feels is less bruised and doesn’t hurt at all. I’m so so happy!

Selena getting Loose.R.I.P

Selena getting Loose.

lace stadium jk (mint)
lace stadium jk (mint)

oh my lord. this is a photo of what success looks like.


oh my lord. this is a photo of what success looks like.

I wonder how many guys would be in love with me if I smoked a ton of weed and posted rad photos of myself hitting huge bongs and joints….

To get/have a Christina piercing do I have to shave my vagina?






Trimming pubic hair isn’t necessary for any genital piercing, but it can make marking a christina a lot simpler and can also make observing the piercing while it heals a bit easier.  With a healed piercing, hair poses no risks other than maybe hiding your jewelry.  

Not true. Hair can wrap around your piercing and iritate it AND cause infection. I know this from experience. My hair played A BIG HUGE role in the extended and difficult healing process of my tragus piercing.
Also, since it’s a genital area, the mousture of a vagina can also irritate the piercing. As long as your trimmed around it, it shouldn’t cause any problems. Just make sure to keep any hairs from wrapping around it.

Hair from your head wrapping around your tragus piercing and tugging on it can absolutely cause irritation (NOT infection).  This is an example of mechanical stress or trauma. Pubic hair being wrapped around a christina piercing isn’t very likely in the first place, and that hair snagging the piercing or causing issues is extremely unlikely.

Also, vaginal moisture doesn’t irritate piercings (if it does then how do fourchettes, labia piercings, female PAs, even hood piercings heal?) and it definitely isn’t a huge concern for a christina piercing, which affects the mons pubis (which is a good inch or two above the vagina and would never be touched by vaginal moisture without external stimuli (i.e. sexual contact). 

The reason professional piercers like myself spend our very little free time answering questions online is to correct the over abundance of internet know-it-alls dispensing bad advice, not so you can use our responses as a vehicle for your incorrect ideas about how piercings heal and how female genitalia works.

Bam^ people should probably listen to Richard’s piercing advice